We are EIGHTXXVIII (8:28), an independently-owned design studio that came to life in Sydney, Australia. We are now in New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

At EIGHTXXVIII, we are committed to bringing your brand to life by crafting quality graphics, products, websites, and packaging. We see the world through the glasses of passion, intelligence, and commitment, embracing the shapes and colours that make up your brand.

Our client’s brand journey is what matters, and we give our very best to deliver priceless experiences, making every moment with us memorable.

Design means more than beautiful imagery, shapes or colours; it means creating a story.

And that’s what we do. We create and enliven brands with high-quality graphics, sites, products and packaging, showcasing a brand story that sells.


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We believe in the power of design.

We believe that our clients' brands are more than just logos, websites, and packaging—they're experiences. We believe that every single detail has meaning, and we strive to make each one of them count. We believe that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to create a truly unique user experience for your customers. And we believe that when your brand stands out from the crowd, it's not just because of how it looks—it's because of what it does for people.

At EIGHTXXVIII (8:28), we combine deep technical expertise with artistic talent to create everything inside the medium it was meant for: from print ads to packaging and beyond. This approach allows us to bring new ideas to the table through our strategically iterative process—and we do all this while remaining highly collaborative internally and externally.

Core Values

Lead with Passion

You can't stop thinking about, working on, and being excited about something you're enthusiastic about. We are enthusiastic about what we do and strive to give it our all every time. Our objective is to express our desire to lead in such a way that it inspires others to follow suit.

Strive for Excellence

We strive for excellence rather than perfection. The objective is to achieve excellence in everything, from the most routine to the most essential decisions, whether the job is invisible or loud. We're passionate about our work, so we give it our all every time, stopping only when we're certain we've nailed it.

Empathy in Action

Needs cannot be met in the absence of empathy. We not only embrace other points of view, but we actively attempt to comprehend them. We show up when the opportunity to be present to people's thoughts and feelings arises. And we do it with a sincere desire to meet them where they are, with openness and humility.